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Prefabricated concrete structures for pig and cattle farming, irrigation and slurry storage

Fattori is a company specialized in the production of prefabricated concrete structures for the agricultural, ecological and industrial sector.

We produce concrete structures for irrigation, pig farming equipment, cattle farming equipment and prefabricated structures for slurry, fodder and aggregates storage.

Driven by capable and motivated entrepreneurs, for over forty years we have been investing in resources that allow us to market innovative products able to solve problems in the agricultural sector.

Quality prefabricated concrete structures

Materie Prime

From the incoming raw materials to the various production phases, we constantly check the finished product.

Materie Prime

Accurate resistance tests, carried out by our experts both during maturation and prior to introduction on the market, guarantee the quality of our prefabricated concrete structures.

Materie Prime

Our entire production of prefabricated concrete structures is based on conditionality, i.e., the set of rules that farmers must meet to ensure high quality standards of environmental and territorial protection, public health and animal welfare.


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